Happy New Year from Good Hair Cards....

Posted by Jeanetmarie Smith on

In 2019, Good Hair Cards will expand its retail presence into the global market and expand its product categories beyond greeting cards. I'm excited about working with my overseas contacts as I produce my products 

It's been a fun journey, but Good Hair Cards was no overnight success. Creating the Good Hair Cards illustration was a 21-year-journey. I worked very hard to draw the images on my cards and even harder to sell them.

So I laugh when people ask me if I am rich or what program I used to create my illustrations. First, I'm not rich (yet) and no computer program draws my artwork. I learned to draw the old fashion way with pencils and crayons long before there were any digital drawing programs. The computer might make drawing somewhat easier for a non-drawer (tracing), but one still needs to learn how to draw well to compete in the marketplace.

All my illustrations are originals, but like most artists, I look for inspiration everywhere. I look at hairstyles magazines and celebrities hairstyles to draw the hairstyles on my models. The faces on my drawings, however, are not real; any resemblance to any living person is a coincidence. I needed to draw semi-realistic faces because the hairstyles would not right on a cartoon face. I'm excited about the direction Good Hair Cards is going. The website will be redesigned in late spring. And I'm looking forward to throwing a big party real soon.